Building legitimacy

Building legitimacy

Vinces offers its clients a unique methodology in order to develop and structure the representation and influence strategies, so as to coordinate all the actions and maximize their effectiveness. This methodology implies drawing strategic lines in three essential areas, also known as the non-market environment: social, regulatory and political.

This methodology develops what Vinces calls the Representation Pyramid, whose fundamental principle is the following: “the stronger the social legitimacy is, the greater the ability to influence politics and policy.”

In this sense, Vinces develops its strategic advisory based on the premise that every public decision-making process is determined by a social component related to civil society. Therefore, the more legitimated a private interest is in the social, economic and regulatory environments, the more influential it will be in the political area.

In sum, the strategic advisory offered by Vinces aims at promoting , within a framework of transparency, the legitimated influence of Corporate interests in the non-market environment, which contributes to the maximization of a sustainable business development in the market.

Social Legitimacy

Social Legitimacy

We create participation structures by collaborating with civil society through technology. Vinces analyzes the opinion and emotion of the social cause, we develop the content strategy and execute the mobilization campaign to make relevant stakeholders part of the political decisions.


We analyze the social media’s emotion related to a topic.

Advocacy campaign

We develop the mobilization and channel the influence of stakeholders in regulatory processes.


We organize the opinions, individual and community emotions towards specific political action.


Designing and production of content and channels to lead a specific cause within relevant stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

Design transparency structures to maximize the participation with social stakeholders.

Transparency Policies

We design voluntary transparency policies for businesses amongst their interests groups through technology

Regulatory Legitimacy

Regulatory Legitimacy

Vinces measures the risks and detects the opportunities to build legitimate participation in regulatory procedures and policy-making processes.


A tool to track parliamentary, legislative and regulatory impacts in your organization at the European, State and Regional level.

Regulatory Risk Impact Assessment (RRIA)

Vinces identifies and evaluates the regulatory risks that a business faces.

Participation and influence in regulatory procedures

Design and elaboration of regulatory proposals, policy positions, legislative calendars, contributions to public consultations and legislative procedures.


Integrated elaboration of economic reports (economic impact analysis) and legal reports (comparative law analysis, regulatory evaluation, historical law reports...)

Code of Conduct

Vinces helps businesses building up legitimacy by developing conduct, interest representation and internal organization codes.

Intelligence and monitoring

Vinces designs tailored intelligence and monitoring tools of the regulatory and policy risks and opportunities for your organization.

Political Legitimacy

Political Legitimacy

We contribute to achieve an effective and transparent participation and influence in the political decision-making process by presenting political actors legitimized corporate interests.

Political Engagement

Identification of and support in reaching out to all relevant stakeholders in the political environment as well as administrative agencies, main political parties and think tanks.

Political Participation

Analysis of the relevant activity and public policies to participate in their elaboration and identify strategic opportunities for potential partnerships.

Legislative Participation

Management of the relations with the representatives of the European Union institution and the relevant spokespersons in the Spanish congress of deputies, senate, and regional parliaments.

Political Debate

Foster dialogue and collaboration with the think tanks related to the main political parties in order to raise issues in the political agenda, promote the main messages of the client, and shape opinion in the political debate.

Political Perception

Develop qualitative analysis of decision-makers and politicians’ perception of the client.

Official visits to your facilities

Organize visits of public officials to the clients’ offices and facilities in order to provide them with first-hand knowledge of the working of the organization.