Participation and Leadership Structures with Stakeholders Workshop

More and more stakeholders are influencing on public opinion and decision makers. This requires the development of efficient and stable participation structures. In this sense the organizations face multiple challenges. In many cases they don’t have the institutional interests clearly identified. That is, why they need certain visibility and for what. In as many cases, the organizations lack of tools and methodologies to identify the degree of objective influence of the different stakeholders. Finally, there is not a method to analyze the alignment of the organization interests with those of the most influential stakeholders.

Participation and Leadership Structures with Stakeholders Workshop

About the Participation and Leadership Structures with Stakeholders Workshop

This workshop aims to give solutions to all these questions. We will learn how to clearly define the institutional interests that should move the organization in civil society settings, as well as political and regulatory settings; to generate an influential stakeholders’ inventory and map and to establish stable structures of participation with those stakeholders who, for their alignment, are more relevant for the organization. Finally, we will contribute to the development of a stakeholders plan, in which the budget and staff resources necessary to feed those participation structures in the most effective way will be assigned. In the big organizations it is also necessary to establish clear rules of attribution of the engagement with the stakeholders to the most relevant departments, as well as coordination rules to avoid overlap and disorganization.

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