Influence Strategies Through Media and Digital Networks Workshop

In this workshop we will become sensitized with the evolution of the traditional sector of the media and the emergency of social networks as new debate platforms for public affairs. The latest trends in the current ecosystem of media and networks will allow companies and organizations to develop the most effective participation strategies to the emergency of digital communities.

Influence Strategies Through Media and Digital Networks Workshop

About the Influence Strategies through Media and Digital Networks Workshop

The emergence of the Internet two decades ago has revolutionized the media sector. In this context, many segments of citizenship rely more in social networks or in collaborative projects of information than in traditional media. This trend is having consequences of varied nature in the shaping of the public opinion and the functioning of democracy. The media have already lost the strength they had before establishing the pillars of the debate on various public affairs. We live in what Anglo-Saxons have baptized as ‘post-truth democracy’, in which a disoriented and suffering majority risks trusting distorted debates and leaders or political projects which are in many cases false.

Media companies are watching their number of registered users decrease. They migrate towards social networks to chat and debate. Meanwhile, media are witnessing an increasingly steep descent in advertising revenues. Content consumption is no longer done in media homes, but in Whatsapp, Telegram or Facebook. Nowadays, business leaders are worried by the countless conversations generated daily in the Internet. These conversations show the appetites, the trends, the inclinations of millions of users empowered to a variety of products, services and public affairs.

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