Political Negotiation Workshop

The relationship between public and private requires a willingness of agreement on both sides. Thus, to know the essential negotiation tools and their specifications in the political sphere is an unavoidable necessity. In this workshop, under supposed scenarios of negotiation, we will seek to move the main keys of this kind of so particular negotiation.

Political Negotiation Workshop

About the Political Negotiation Workshop

Politics, like all sciences, has its particular rules. When playing a legitimate representation of the interests from private to public, it is necessary to know the essence of who is at the other side of the table.

Thus, in a first part a more theoretical approach is made that seeks to settle and improve the negotiation tools adapted to the negotiation with Governments, Regulators, Legislators and General State Administration. Basic questions will be refreshed to measure the degree of negotiating tension: analysis of the place of negotiation, documentary support, the agenda, the number of people, and the corporal language, among others.

A particular attention is paid to know the political or public interlocutor better, compared with the business or commercial interlocutor. In any commercial action an exhaustive knowledge of the potential buyer is required, but in the case of the relationship with public institutions, a greater knowledge is required because its idiosyncrasy has very specific mechanisms different from the general buyer, that must be known, respected and taken advantage of. At this point the field of action of the organization will also be taken into account, marking the peculiarities of the territorial scope of action by the political interlocutor (European, national, autonomic or local), as well as its position within the hierarchical structure of the corresponding administration. The differences between senior positions, the authority and the civil servant who holds a high position, as well as the role the so called positions of trust can play in the framework of the negotiations, will also be underlined.

The presentation will be done through the Socratic Method, so that the attendees are the ones who can describe who their political interlocutors are, what kind of conversations they can have, what kind of commitments can be reached, what they demand and which guarantees they have in the decision taking.

The second part of the workshop will have an eminently practical approach, extracting real cases of negotiation, roles will be assigned to the participants, who should study and defend their positions against the rest, by calculating and by the negotiation methodology that will have been treated before. This workshop requires a particular involvement by attendees, who are asked to attend the session armed with dynamism and creativity.

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