How do we do it?

There are several reasons that make the training activity of a team of corporate affairs necessary: their tendency toward professionalization; the continuous changes in the political, regulatory and social environment; the progressive mainstreaming of the activity or the growing technologization are only a few of them. Vinces – by its internal team and its network of external experts – offers a training service adaptable in terms of time, flexible as to the forms and professional in terms of content. We customize the service to adapt ourselves to the specific needs of the organization in contents and time. We are flexible and we adapt ourselves to your necessities.


  • In classroom
  • Blended
  • online

Faculty cloister

It consists of the Vinces’ team and external collaborators. We find professionals from business organizations and associations, members of cabinets, high ranks, mobilization consultants, negotiation experts, data analysts, senior officials…


  • Spanish
  • English
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