Political Legitimacy

Servicios Vinces
We contribute to achieve an effective and transparent participation and influence in the political decision-making process by presenting political actors legitimized corporate interests.

Political Engagement

Identification of and support in reaching out to all relevant stakeholders in the political environment as well as administrative agencies, main political parties and think tanks.

Political Participation

Analysis of the relevant activity and public policies to participate in their elaboration and identify strategic opportunities for potential partnerships.

Legislative Participation

Management of the relations with the representatives of the European Union institution and the relevant spokespersons in the Spanish congress of deputies, senate, and regional parliaments.

Political Debate

Foster dialogue and collaboration with the think tanks related to the main political parties in order to raise issues in the political agenda, promote the main messages of the client, and shape opinion in the political debate.

Political Perception

Develop qualitative analysis of decision-makers and politicians’ perception of the client.

Official visits to your facilities

Organize visits of public officials to the clients’ offices and facilities in order to provide them with first-hand knowledge of the working of the organization.