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“A mayor legitimidad social, mayor capacidad de influencia política”

The Reputation & Stakeholders department works on transparently and truthfully advising companies on moving around their different stakeholders’ ecosystem in an assertive, honest and sustainable way to build the legitimacy from the bottom-up. We are flexible, highly specialised and we build proposals that integrate all our products always considering your business objectives.

Stakeholders’ monitorization

Public Affairs Analytica (PAN) – is a technological solution designed to detect the conversations in the online ecosystem that have the biggest impact on politicians and policymakers. It monitors relevant topics revolving around companies and identifies influencers.

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It is about creating momentum, a social environment that promotes political dialogue. We are specialised in creating 360 campaigns, combining different types of formats, online and offline (alliances, conferences, events, videos, infographics, networks, web platforms…)


Proliferation of actors and narratives raises organisations’ need of sophisticating their discourse with the purpose of reaching priority audience more efficiently. A distinctive organizational storytelling can turn into a key element in reputation and legitimacy strategies.

Advisory services in preparation of responsible business plans

We provide advice on the best corporate practices for their sustainable management, in line with the principles of integrity, compromise and transparency.

Rankings and transparency consulting

Do you know how to build a transparency model? Do you need help to manage and coordinate your company reputation actions? We advise you on transparency rankings and policies so that you can focus your effort.

Stakeholder Matrix

Institutional positioning tool which offers a nonmarket environment picture to align corporative objectives and main stakeholders’ interests. We measure the capacity of influence and alignment, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Public Affairs Analytica – PAN

Why does Vinces do this?


What does PAN do?

  • It identifies and analyses the stakeholders’ and public opinion impact on relevant topics for your organisation.
  • It monitors and prioritises conversations and messages which interest you, measuring the level of impact and influence on strategic stakeholders and public opinion.
  • It shows the reciprocal influence between those stakeholders. Who follows who?

What is PAN for?

  • To observe trends in online conversations with the purpose of foreseeing potential risks and opportunities.
  • To identify potential partners within your stakeholders’ ecosystem.
  • To help you design more efficient narratives adjusted to different actors.
  • To be clear about how your different groups of interest perceive you.

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