Regulatory Management

Servicios Vinces
Vinces measures the risks and detects the opportunities to build legitimate participation in regulatory procedures and policy-making processes.

Kit normativo estratégico

With a 360 degrees vision, and offering a personalized service, we will advice you on how to prepare standard-setting negotiation processes, designing strategic guidelines, strengthening your arguments, maneuvering your time, preparing supporting documents, anticipating information and assuring an adequate defense of the organization’s interests.

Seguimiento regulatorio / POLIRAMA 2.0

A tool to track parliamentary, legislative and regulatory impacts in your organization at the European, State and Regional level.

More about Polirama

Participation and influence in regulatory procedures

Design and elaboration of regulatory proposals, policy positions, legislative calendars, contributions to public consultations and legislative procedures.

Regulatory Risk Impact Assessment (RRIA)

Vinces identifies and evaluates the regulatory risks that a business faces.


Integrated elaboration of economic reports (economic impact analysis) and legal reports (comparative law analysis, regulatory evaluation, historical law reports...)

Code of Conduct

Vinces helps businesses building up legitimacy by developing conduct, interest representation and internal organization codes.

Intelligence and monitoring

Vinces designs tailored intelligence and monitoring tools of the regulatory and policy risks and opportunities for your organization.


Do you value your time as the principal professional asset?

Polirama 2.0 is a tool based on artificial intelligence, supervised and validated by our own Regulation Department, that through an analysis of published initiatives by the 19 parliamentary chambers. It will inform you weekly about the initiatives that might interest your organization, silencing unnecessary noise and selecting information, which will be advantageous for the organization, empowering a company’s Institutional Relations Department or the directors of a business association. Additionally, it will simplify by having access to a unique repository, the events of the upcoming weekly agenda, where interesting initiatives will be considered, helping you time planning and in the foresight.

¿En qué consiste?

  • Plataforma digital de fácil acceso que presenta y almacena todas las iniciativas relevantes para el cliente, con información detallada sobre las mismas.
  • Anticipa de los eventos relevantes de la agenda parlamentaria de la semana entrante a medida que son publicados.Acceso directo a los boletines que contienen cada una de las iniciativas destacadas.
  • Manejo fácil de los datos para la gestión de los mismos, con la generación de una base de datos de todas las iniciativas relevantes.
  • Un buscador que te permite la elaboración de estadísticas.

¿Para qué?

  • Detectar riesgos y oportunidades.
  • Conocer y analizar los posicionamientos públicos.
  • Observar tendencias de debate.
  • Anticiparse y promover políticas públicas.
  • Identificar interlocutores sectoriales.
  • Estar en conexión directa con la actividad política y regulatoria en el marco institucional.

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