Pro bono work

The goal was to introduce changes in the Childhood and Adolescence Protection System bill Law which included a new frame work forfamily placement. Vinces believes in dedicating our talent and resources at the service of social interest in a selfless manner with the objective of giving vulnerable groups a voice in society. For this reason Vinces has been involved for years in the promotion of family placement as the finest measure to protect the best interest of minors in neglected situations.

On April 2014, we elaborated an economic impact report of family placement which confirms that this measure is not only in the best interest of the child but it is also the most efficient measure for the Administration. When the bill Law made it to Congress we realize that it did not cover some important proposalsthat would truly help promoting family placement.

Experiencia Probono

Under these circumstances, and with the objective of improving the bill, Fundación Acogida and Vinces prepared a series of amendment proposals that were presented to the Government, and to the different parliamentary groups in the Congress of Deputies and the Senate.


As a result of Vinces and Fundación Acogida work, political negotiations, and parliamentary groups’efforts, the Spanish Congress of Deputies passed a new Childhood and Adolescence Law in July 2015 which included important modifications compared to the first bill.

Very proud, receiving the recognition of Entity Committed to Childhood.

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