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The environment and its sustainability are two aspects which are inherently linked to any organization’s economic activity today. The development of every activity must stay in line with sustainability criteria enshrined both by international law (Paris Agreement or the Circular Economy Package) and national law (Energy Transition and Climate Change Bill) together with the commitment of society. Challenges such as the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, waste treatment, and the gradual increase of clean energies or environmental fiscal policy require adequate advice and give way to new options of public-private partnerships. In addition to this, the transverse and segmented regulation in the field – due to the participation of local governments – only adds complexity to the matter.

Vinces, as an expert public affairs boutique consulting firm, offers strategic advice to companies and organisations in the environment and sustainability sector, with a seamless coordination between its Madrid and Brussels offices. We provide solutions both to improve our clients’ institutional positioning and to address regulatory risks, using our integrated methodology that combines work at the political, regulatory and social levels.

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